About Us

Cognitive Networks originated in 2009 over beers.

Our founder, Zeev Neumeier, was extolling the prospective virtues of Smart TVs and the powerful new advertising and content possibilities to executives from a large TV manufacturer. They said, “No Zeev, such things are not possible.” They went on to explain that Smart TVs only receive video and audio information from set top boxes and do not have any information describing what they are displaying. As a result, they cannot intelligently connect the applications plane with the video plane of the TV. Smart TVs are, in effect, blind.

Zeev replied, “What? That’s ridiculous! Someone should fix that!” And if you know Zeev, you know he probably gesticulated wildly at this point.

The TV execs reportedly looked at him rather quietly and said, “You fix it.” And so, as with many worthwhile endeavors, Cognitive Networks was formed with a question and a challenge.

Cognitive Networks is distinct from all other providers of content recognition services in at least two ways. First, our core technology has been purpose-built to solve the problem for Smart TVs. It’s a very different problem and hence a different product by comparison to mobile devices, for example. Second, we’ve been incubated from the get-go by a large TV manufacturer and benefited enormously from intense technical input and the proper scale and performance targets required for success.