Technical Advisory Board

Leo HoartyLeo Hoarty

Leo is a recognized expert in user interface design, voice recognition technology, automated content recognition, consumer electronics device design and cable television technology.  He has 30 years of experience in high technology company development and has led, as CEO and CTO, the development of numerous technology startups, including Active Video Networks (formerly ICTV) and Dotcast (settop and national media distribution system provider to MovieBeam) where he was the founder of both companies.  Leo has been a senior technical consultant to Google, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs, and has considerable intellectual property development experience.  He holds numerous US and international patents in many areas of technology and has served as an expert witness for high-profile patent litigation cases.

Matt WongMatt Wong

Matt is a seasoned technology executive working in Silicon Valley focused on developing Products & Intellectual Property in the Media Entertainment sector. Prior to joining Cognitive Media Networks’ technical advisory board, he held the position of Vice President of Engineering for Nielsen’s Media-Sync Joint Venture leading the development of mobile applications for major television network using Nielsen’s watermark technology for content recognition and program synchronization.

Matt has also held Technology Executive positions at other notable companies such as Panasonic, Canal+ technologies,, and