12/04 2014

Cognitive Networks is Transforming the TV Viewing Experience

Want to see how? Stop by and visit us at International CES 2015 for a demonstration! You’ll find us at the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall in Booth 15126a. In addition, we will exhibit at CES Unveiled on Sunday, … Continue reading

11/20 2014

Targeted TV Advertising Is Here

Targeted technologies are enabling advertisers to get more value out of their television ad dollars. While there are still occasions when a mass audience may be desirable, new data and tools make it possible to target TV viewers in a … Continue reading

10/31 2014

Understanding TV ROI

Jeanine Poggi’s Advertising Age feature takes a look at how advancements in TV targeting and an influx of data available to marketers may finally make assessing return on investment a reality for the medium. The advancement in addressable technology, which … Continue reading

08/04 2013


For me, one of the key takeaways from this summer’s TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) was a marked change in the creative model for companion content. At TVOT 2012, much–if not all–of the focus was on “second-screen” apps, i.e. apps … Continue reading

05/09 2012

Yahoo! TV Provides Details of Sony Models that Can Be Upgraded to Support Broadcast Interactivity

For those that own a Sony TV or are thinking of buying one and would like to be sure that Yahoo! TV’s Broadcast Interactivity will be available, below please find a listing of models by year that can be upgraded … Continue reading

04/27 2012

INDustry: Yahoo Moves First – ACR TV with SONY

INDUSTRY: Yahoo Moves First – ACR TV on Sony Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing for Yahoo! Connected TV. As I mentioned in my CES roundup, Yahoo Connected … Continue reading

03/21 2012

INDustry: Civolution supersizes ACR with ad info

It feels like the ACR business is starting to shift gears. Whereas last year, I think the market was working to grock the scope and importance of ACR and it’s ability to connect devices and cloud services to traditional TV, … Continue reading

02/05 2012

CES 2012: What we learned about how ACR TV will likely unfold.

ACR TV CES 2012: News, Rumbles and Outlook There were a lot of ACR announcements at CES. Most, though, were about companion app plays of various types. Civolution and Audible Magic both showed up with really their first market moves … Continue reading

02/05 2012

Video of my panel at TVOT NYC December 2011 on ACR for Companion Apps

ACR Intensive: Automatic Content Recognition on Companion Devices and Connected TV from Tracy Swedlow on Vimeo. The presentation we reviewed during this panel is available at no cost. Just send me a note if you’d like a copy.

11/23 2011

INdustry: Will Targeted Advertising on TV be better than on the Web?

For this edition of Industry, we spoke with Eric Schmitt, EVP of Allant’s cable and media business. Allant is a company to watch. An established player in the Market Services (database marketing, direct marketing, etc…) business, Allant has traditionally helped … Continue reading