06/26 2015

OTT and TV…Better Together

OTT – slayer of television? Not so fast. While it’s true that more than 60% of broadband homes use streaming video services (and the number is growing rapidly), this doesn’t have to spell doom for broadcasters. An opinion piece published … Continue reading

06/16 2015

Monetizing Connected TV

If you’ll be attending the TV of Tomorrow show next week in San Francisco, be sure to catch the June 23rd panel on Monetizing Connected TV (5:25pm in the Prince Room). The session will explore the latest developments in the … Continue reading

06/15 2015

SyFy Adds Real Time Interactivity

Syfy Network’s program┬áDefiance now features a new interactive component, available on LG Smart TVs and powered by Cognitive Networks. Now fans of the show can get even more engaged by participating in interactive polls, getting bonus material about backstories, and … Continue reading

01/22 2015

The Evolution of TV Advertising: When Will Programmatic Take Off?

Programmatic TV advertising has been getting a lot of ink. Still in its infancy, some think the transition to this type of buying and selling will take quite some time…that the talk outpaces the reality. Maybe, though, it’s a lot … Continue reading

01/12 2015

CES: Immersive Entertainment Steals the Show

Immersive entertainment is an expanding category at CES. From virtual reality gaming to 4k UHD television to ultra audio experiences, to the transformation of the way we watch TV….it was all on the show floor at the 2015 International Consumer … Continue reading

01/06 2015

CES Unveiled Las Vegas

More than 1,200 members of the press got an advance look at what’s going to be featured on the International Consumer Electronics Show floor Sunday evening at Unveiled Las Vegas. As one of the participating exhibitors at Unveiled, we were … Continue reading

01/02 2015

Time-Shifted Content: The Number One Network

Which television network is king of the hill? The answer might surprise you. It’s not NBC, or ABC, CBS, or FOX. Instead, it’s the DVR – generating prime-time ratings equivalent to the combined averages of the “Big Four.” Once an … Continue reading

12/23 2014

Happy Holidays

If, like us, you’re getting ready to head out to the Consumer Electronics Show – you are undoubtedly quite busy! That said, we hope you’re also finding some time to enjoy the holidays. Season’s Greetings! We wish you a joyous, … Continue reading

12/04 2014

Cognitive Networks is Transforming the TV Viewing Experience

Want to see how? Stop by and visit us at International CES 2015 for a demonstration! You’ll find us at the Las Vegas Convention Center Central Hall in Booth 15126a. In addition, we will exhibit at CES Unveiled on Sunday, … Continue reading

11/20 2014

Targeted TV Advertising Is Here

Targeted technologies are enabling advertisers to get more value out of their television ad dollars. While there are still occasions when a mass audience may be desirable, new data and tools make it possible to target TV viewers in a … Continue reading