02/24 2014

Principal Product Manager – AdTech & Analytics

Job Description Silicon Valley loves to talk about innovation.  But most of the time the label is applied to products with marginally improved features that were afterthoughts in earlier efforts.   Few of us have the opportunity to work on products … Continue reading

08/04 2013


For me, one of the key takeaways from this summer’s TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) was a marked change in the creative model for companion content. At TVOT 2012, much–if not all–of the focus was on “second-screen” apps, i.e. apps … Continue reading

05/09 2012

Yahoo! TV Provides Details of Sony Models that Can Be Upgraded to Support Broadcast Interactivity

For those that own a Sony TV or are thinking of buying one and would like to be sure that Yahoo! TV’s Broadcast Interactivity will be available, below please find a listing of models by year that can be upgraded … Continue reading

04/27 2012

INDustry: Yahoo Moves First – ACR TV with SONY

INDUSTRY: Yahoo Moves First – ACR TV on Sony Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Russ Schafer, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing for Yahoo! Connected TV. As I mentioned in my CES roundup, Yahoo Connected … Continue reading

03/21 2012

INDustry: Civolution supersizes ACR with ad info

It feels like the ACR business is starting to shift gears. Whereas last year, I think the market was working to grock the scope and importance of ACR and it’s ability to connect devices and cloud services to traditional TV, … Continue reading

02/05 2012

CES 2012: What we learned about how ACR TV will likely unfold.

ACR TV CES 2012: News, Rumbles and Outlook There were a lot of ACR announcements at CES. Most, though, were about companion app plays of various types. Civolution and Audible Magic both showed up with really their first market moves … Continue reading

02/05 2012

Video of my panel at TVOT NYC December 2011 on ACR for Companion Apps

ACR Intensive: Automatic Content Recognition on Companion Devices and Connected TV from Tracy Swedlow on Vimeo. The presentation we reviewed during this panel is available at no cost. Just send me a note if you’d like a copy.

11/23 2011

INdustry: Will Targeted Advertising on TV be better than on the Web?

For this edition of Industry, we spoke with Eric Schmitt, EVP of Allant’s cable and media business. Allant is a company to watch. An established player in the Market Services (database marketing, direct marketing, etc…) business, Allant has traditionally helped … Continue reading

11/03 2011

How Apple’s Genius (Smart) TV Could Win Big

Is it a rumor? Or is it now a foregone conclusion? Seems the bandwagon has started to roll on Apple’s entry into the Smart TV market. The question is, what are they going to do? I guess we all expect … Continue reading

10/25 2011

Ensequence + Zeitera = A Compelling New Approach to ACR for Companion Apps

Recently, Ensequence and Zeitera announced a new partnership for Companion App publishing using Automatic Content Recognition (ACR). I found this quite intriguing. I couldn’t recall any other ACR companies doing deals with ITV publishing companies. Something was different. Before proceeding, … Continue reading