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Cognitive Networks makes Smart TVs content aware with an advanced platform that enables a wide range of enhancements to the content consumers watch on your TVs. Our goal is to make TV more engaging, more fun, and more informative – significantly extending the medium of television for the benefit of viewers.

At the same time, we enable TV content providers to increase their revenues by offering enhanced advertising opportunities to their customers.  And since they’re using our technology on your TVs, this generates an ongoing revenue stream back to you for every set in market.  And that’s just the beginning.  

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TV Advertisers

Enhanced Advertising
on Smart TVs

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The first TV ad in the U.S. was broadcast in July of 1941. In the more than 70 years since then, TV advertising has been a one-way medium, primarily used by brand advertisers to increase awareness of their products and services.   Calls-to-action required viewers to remember a number and pick up the phone or to visit a website recalling a URL.

Cognitive Networks changes all of this.   Now every ad you run on TV is an opportunity to immediately engage your target customers with a single click of the remote control.  The viewer finally has a frictionless way to tell you,“I’m interested!”  Offer a mobile coupon, play additional on-demand video content, or link to a full-featured mini site. The possibilities are as endless as the web itself.

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TV Content Providers

Cognitive Networks puts Content Providers in the know. With our platform, you know which Smart TVs are displaying your content and you know their basic geography (zip code). This allows you to establish connections between advertising and consumer behavior, and it allows you to learn more about consumption of your content.

Smart TV Unleashed:
through Cognition

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Programming networks use our platform to enhance content in a variety of ways – significantly improving their ability to engage with their audience, attract more viewers, and personalize the viewing experience. Cognitive Networks-enabled applications add value to content.

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Direct Response TV

Cognitive Networks can help DRTV programs improve revenue per hour by enabling onscreen purchasing of goods and services. We enable you to deliver onscreen purchasing applications to the devices displaying your ads and infomercials and those purchasing applications can connect directly to your back office for order capture, fulfillment and reporting.

We also allow you to have much deeper analytics with regard to the specific delivery of your media by geography and associated purchase activity.  To get started with a trial, please contact our business development team.



The Next Generation of Television Is Here


Larry Samuels, Senior Partner and Director of Advanced TV at GroupM, talks about the incredible opportunities associated with connected television.

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