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Cognitive Networks Powers Enhanced TV on Smart TVs

No downloads or app installs required. Now you can reach the full TV audience with your Enhanced TV offering.

Our automatic content recognition platform and real-time Engageā„¢ API enable content producers and TV networks to synchronize entertaining, relevant applications with live or time-shifted content. TV becomes more interactive, more dynamic, and more fun.

With Enhanced TV, multiple opportunities exist to increase viewer engagement, grow audiences, extend watch time, and significantly augment brand value. In addition, advertisers can pinpoint viewer interests and provide more targeted advertisements based on preferences.

Here's How It Works

  • As the viewer watches a show,
  • content is ingested to create fingerprints.
  • Our ACR identifies the content and time code.
  • We send an event trigger to the content provider or advertiser.
  • They send back a link to the app to display onscreen synchronized with the underlying
    video content.

An open standards-based development platform, Engage™ enables the creation of essentially any application experience you can build with web technologies like HTML5 and Javascript.

We also provide anonymized data products and services for companies that wish to learn more about TV consumption patterns.

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